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Welcome to the world of Veteran radio! This is the one where you can join in and get involved from the word ‘go’ - and it's free, unless of course you'd like to make a donation. 
We have fun, play a wide variety of music and enjoy regular banter sessions. So, come on, be brave and have fun with us. What are you waiting for? We're waiting for get with Veteran radio today!

• Listen to a wide variety of music round the clock
• Chat with other veterans and have fun with the online banter
• Become a presenter / DJ – your very own slot on Veteran Radio.
• Get your dedications played
• Make suggestions that will be listened to.

Veteran Radio is for veterans worldwide...24/7. Tell us your story and listen to those from your veteran friends around the world. Did we say it's for veterans? It is...but not exclusively. Everyone's welcome!
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